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Brought up near Lyon, by an Italian mother and Ukrainian father, Pierre Levicky began cooking at the age of 12 because his mother only cooked for the three children at lunchtime, “In the evening, she cooked for my father and asked us to do what we wanted, ourselves”.

Pierre went to train further at Grenoble’s Ecole Lesdisguieres, arguably France’s best cookery School at the time and enjoyed some educational and inspirational short lived stunts in the kitchens of some great traditional French chefs.

Pierre completed his studies by gaining a business degree in 1985 and a licence of English and German.

After two years in Belfast following a year of teaching French as a foreign language, Pierre Levicky was given the chance to open his first restaurant in a small classy hotel. Within a week Pierre opened with a bang, soon good food, good menu and with a distinctive marketing flair, the “Pierre Levicky French Restaurant” became a hot spot for the discerning diners of Northern Ireland to the delight of the hotel owner.
Pierre then carried on putting his undeniable skills to success to a loss-making luxury restaurant on the coast of Northern Ireland by convincing the owners that menus were to be printed without prices and by advertising in the National Newspaper The Belfast telegraph that “ Eating customers would pay what they thought the meal they had had was worth” and ensuring that customers were given a blank bill with a pen at the end of their meal.

Not only did Pierre Levicky instantly create attention (press, local radio, TV), (every body knows that there are not any people meaner that a Northern Irish*!!! *in French in the text) He also took the opportunity to judge the pricing for his new menu. And of course to ensure that the food was superb, that the service impeccable and the bills adequate, he ran the kitchen and advised the doubtful owners on how to really treat their guests. It really worked well and this restaurant which was in perdition soon regained the attention and the recognition that it deserved.

Soon after, Pierre found himself in Scotland’s Edinburgh and enjoyed recognition as the prized chef of Mackintosh’s restaurant in the west End. Noted by the AA, the Good Food Guide and by many customers, Pierre ensured that the owners of this restaurant eager to sell, sold at the best price possible due to its now solid reputation.

Pierre moved on to open the famous Michelin recommended Vintners Room Restaurant as the chef consultant of David and Suzanne Baird. With tremendous flair and a gifted understanding of customers expectation, combined with hard work, professionalism and a no nonsense approach Pierre again ensured that the Vintners Room became the success it is still today.

Having made sure that David had a fully competent team on board Pierre moved on to open in 1988 the very first Pierre Victoire restaurant in Edinburgh.

In less than 10 years, the Pierre Victoire Restaurant chain counted more than 100 restaurants spread as far as Galway, London, Edinburgh and Brussels with a global turnover of over 40 million pounds and around 2000 employees.

During these years Pierre Levicky, the genius entrepreneur who brought high quality French food inexpensively to the United kingdom through the brand of Pierre Victoire, Chez Jules, Beppe Vitorio and Pierre Lapin, controlled and managed successfully the Pierre Victoire chain of restaurants with his team of managers, operators and directors.

Pierre went on to create Bleu in Victoria Street for one of his former Franchisees, bringing to Edinburgh a brand new way of eating. In 1999 Pierre invented the Chunky Healthy Lines, the striking force behind the thundering success of the Apartment in Brunsfield road of Edinburgh. Having found the sites for the restaurants, Pierre negotiated favourable terms of the leases and vetted that competent key staff joined hands to ensure that both restaurants are the successes they still are today.

Most recently Pierre has been busy taking on consultancy projects in the catering industry advising large and small companies and operators and spending time creating new food concept in his restaurant in the South of Spain.

“It is this directness-so extraordinary among businessmen- that makes talking to Pierre Levicky such a refreshing experience. He doesn’t quibble, the doesn’t hedge, he talks prices, ratios and anxieties …”

Gillian Glover

The Scotsman Newspaper

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