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Pierre Levicky

The waitress : -"Oh you are back again"

Her :-"Yeah, You know what, I just woke up this morning and thought "I fancy some more sausage ?"...

So she got two, from Toulouse bien sur!


Persistent Evader


Pierre Levicky

Wow! I have a new title. No longer happy to be a normal yellow line sometimes offender, I have now earned the qualification of Persistent Evader.! Happy. Thank you PA 1385 for bringing this to my attention. 

knickerbocker glory- table 56


Pierre Levicky

-"Can we sit here" She pointed at table 56, the high table by the window!

-"Of course you can".

They were a young and beautiful couple, her, short dress and him, trendy Tshirt. They sat and ordered food and Sauvignon blanc. As the night went on, at bottle number two, I discovered they were playing a game.

Each time the door opened, they had to drink their glass. The loser would be the one that abandoned the game and ask for the bill.

It was now bottle number 3, they both looked fit, no one was giving up although he made a mistake. He went to the toilet, alone, she then bent down, hiding from most of us and fumbled for a while discretly removing her knickers. 

He came back, she held his hand and directed it to a warm place. 

He lifted his other hand up and asked for the bill. She smiled brightly-SHE HAD WON!




F***g grand design


Pierre Levicky

I did not let them move the tables around. I asked them to reinstate the tables the way they were before commencing their meal...She was annoyed but they enjoyed their meal, they paid and they left.

She came back in, she had too, she did not like being told that one can not in a restaurant one cannot rearrange the furniture around without consulting or indeed asking if at all possible! 

She came back, dark haired and "Talon hauted", smelling of wine, the nose firmly pointing north and commonly declared : 

-" your food is great, your staff is great but you are just a miserable old shit"

And walked off, pointing two fingers in my direction.

I followed outside to be greeted by a torrent of abuse by what I can only assume to be another frustrated "grand design" afficionado that only managed the wrong kind of slot, not the 9pm one on channel 4, the other one, you know the one I mean!...





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