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The elderflower mob


Pierre Levicky

It was a surprise to find our restaurant broken into this morning. Money, laptop, ipod... no surprises there! It becomes much more interesting when we also discovered that the only drink missing is a little bottle of elderflower liquor and that our thieves could not resist two Chez Jules branded Tshirt! ahaha

So if by chance late in the day, relaxing in your local boozer if you find yourself beside a man dressed in a " I love surf and Turf" Tshirt insisting on being served an Elderflower liquor on ice, please ask him to listen to his Ipod music , no doubt it will be playing, "je t'aime-moi non plus" or "Je ne regrette rien"!!! and quickly phone 0131 226 6992, I will be happy to pay for your drink! 

Sore bum, Starvation and Snow - All the S's


Pierre Levicky

Apparently our latest tripadvisor reviewer Monijca is very good with the letter "S".

I Shall add : Sad! and Sorry!


Parisian chic!


Pierre Levicky

I just don't like being daaaaaaaarlinged.

Verb  :

to darling Someone!

Used as a condescending form of address 

Synonyms :

My dear- Stand to attention- I am talking- Sit and listen- Look how beautiful I am... 


When someone calls you darling you don't know if they are saying it in a friendly way...or if they mean it as somthing more. sam: ok then, goodnight darling

CHEZ JULES Definition
When someone calls you daaarling having had the cheek to enjoy a full bottle of wine, a replacement steak and a steak and complaining loudly because, as one knows :
"Daaarling" : I did not want my steak rare! I wanted it saignant!"
Uuuuuh!! Very Parisian chic!
les gordons joyeux


Pierre Levicky

Becca was found holding hand in the kitchen, holding hand with a broom handle and an devoted Adria. Becca was happy with a big smile on her face/. Vita discovered that Prosecco had great virtues, she could now speak French without accent. Ricardo in his long silky dress complete with padded bra and white wig made a dramatic sortie from the kitchen, immediately "paparazzied" and "fondled" by men and women alike! He liked it we think! A star!  Mhairi managed an amazing impersonation of Johnny Depp... and the band, well the band thrilled when they played the very famous French tune  " the Gay Gordon"!  "Les gordon joyeux"... Bien sur.  As for me, I am unsure, I think it went well and everybody enjoyed our fireworks! Oh yes Aleksandra! Well Aleksandra...

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