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  Pierre Levicky : Restaurant Consultant  Edinburgh Scotland
Hidden from view


Pierre Levicky

So they walked in, a baby car seat in hand. The baby was sleeping. To ensure that he would not be disturbed, his caring parents covered the seat with coats.Hidden, cosy and dark!  All was well. The baby chair gently secured, on the chair at table 18, just beside table 19 where they were seated... Would not want to lose sight of the Precious cargo... Time marched on, the restaurant became busier and busier.

Zaneta :- Could you move your things from this chair, I will need the table in a minute!

The parents carried on eating their lunch

So the manager unhappy arrived and offered to put their thing in the wine cupboard for storage until they finished their meal!!!...Embarassement, cold sweat and nervous laughter...

 Although the baby slept right through!



Pierre Levicky

Jules came for dinner last night. It was her birthday (she’s 28 now)! The REAL Jules cracked open 2 bottles of bubbly and Vita (ze Ukrainian diva) found nothing better to do than smash glasses on the floor as the cork popped. The crowd went wild! ‘Appy birthday became an anthem to Jules… the restaurant exploded with noise and laughter. It was midnight and the pianist maestro left in a huff, his Rachmaninov between his legs… kaï kaï kaï.

Bum, bum bum buuuuuum! (Beethoven's 5th)


Pierre Levicky

Difficult to avoid!

What do you say to a lady who displays a massive "builders bum" to a whole restaurant aware or unaware :

"Bon appetit"?


should you just position "Ze bill" in the bum crack as a polite reminder that either it is time to pull up or go?   

The elderflower mob


Pierre Levicky

It was a surprise to find our restaurant broken into this morning. Money, laptop, ipod... no surprises there! It becomes much more interesting when we also discovered that the only drink missing is a little bottle of elderflower liquor and that our thieves could not resist two Chez Jules branded Tshirt! ahaha

So if by chance late in the day, relaxing in your local boozer if you find yourself beside a man dressed in a " I love surf and Turf" Tshirt insisting on being served an Elderflower liquor on ice, please ask him to listen to his Ipod music , no doubt it will be playing, "je t'aime-moi non plus" or "Je ne regrette rien"!!! and quickly phone 0131 226 6992, I will be happy to pay for your drink! 

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