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Sore bum, Starvation and Snow - All the S's


Pierre Levicky

Apparently our latest tripadvisor reviewer Monijca is very good with the letter "S".

I Shall add : Sad! and Sorry!


Parisian chic!


Pierre Levicky

I just don't like being daaaaaaaarlinged.

Verb  :

to darling Someone!

Used as a condescending form of address 

Synonyms :

My dear- Stand to attention- I am talking- Sit and listen- Look how beautiful I am... 


When someone calls you darling you don't know if they are saying it in a friendly way...or if they mean it as somthing more. sam: ok then, goodnight darling

CHEZ JULES Definition
When someone calls you daaarling having had the cheek to enjoy a full bottle of wine, a replacement steak and a steak and complaining loudly because, as one knows :
"Daaarling" : I did not want my steak rare! I wanted it saignant!"
Uuuuuh!! Very Parisian chic!
les gordons joyeux


Pierre Levicky

Becca was found holding hand in the kitchen, holding hand with a broom handle and an devoted Adria. Becca was happy with a big smile on her face/. Vita discovered that Prosecco had great virtues, she could now speak French without accent. Ricardo in his long silky dress complete with padded bra and white wig made a dramatic sortie from the kitchen, immediately "paparazzied" and "fondled" by men and women alike! He liked it we think! A star!  Mhairi managed an amazing impersonation of Johnny Depp... and the band, well the band thrilled when they played the very famous French tune  " the Gay Gordon"!  "Les gordon joyeux"... Bien sur.  As for me, I am unsure, I think it went well and everybody enjoyed our fireworks! Oh yes Aleksandra! Well Aleksandra...


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Pierre Levicky

Vita :-"Kummel?" " "I never had Kummel"

Lady: -"it is so fresh" "It would be better chilled" "Smell!" holding the glass high

Vita :-"It smells like cigarette!"

Lady :-"???? You just smelled my finger!!!"


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