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Opening a restaurant is considered to be a risky business. The problem is further compounded by the lack of experience and financial discipline in the area of cash-flow management, which most start-up restaurateurs bring to the table. Pierre Levicky refuses to accept the average. He brings leadership, expertise and an intrinsic value to your project.

Pierre Levicky believes that by implementing a good “operating system” through precise and comprehensive operation manuals enables you to deliver consistency and predictability, which are among the most important factors in any business. Furthermore, by effectively controlling certain variables he essentially reduces the associated risk.


Want to open a restaurant or a group of restaurants?
Want to be in this business and realise how costly one mistake can be?
Already have a restaurant and you want to improve profits?
Need a fresh, objective approach to a persistent problem?
Have embarked on opening an establishment and you realize you’re in way over your head?
Don’t have the time or the patience to work through problems?
Have a place that’s suffering and you don’t want it to fail?

An experienced team with a fresh approach can help!

As a consultant Pierre Levicky likes to take a simple customised approach with each project and is able to offer a distinct working relationship to his clients.

Pierre Levicky and his team enjoy a diverse resource base and over the years have formed solid relationships with key restaurant owners, chefs, fast food operators/ manufacturers, interior designers, franchise experts, franchisees, lawyers and more.

By assembling a team of talented individuals and orchestrating their activities Pierre Levicky is able to provide a complete service for both start-up companies, as well as existing ones.
Some of the start-up services:

Concept Planning & Development
Design and branding
Market & Feasibility Analysis
Business Plan Development
Negotiation on lease premiums, leases, rent and rent reviews
Any restaurant related business agreement including
self employed chefs and consultants
suppliers, products
Operating Systems
Point of Sales Systems & Equipment Selection
Co-ordinating Design & Construction
Staffing Requirements / Training
Pre-Opening & Opening
Marketing, Communications & PR

Turn-Around Services:

Business Analysis / Financial/ Creative
Operational Re-structuring
Recruitment & Training

Follow up and monitoring services:

Menu and recipe creation
Operations manual
Food Training
Example of Services
Basic Restaurant BUSINESS MOT (Post confidential agreement)

On site visit and operational analysis of accounts with:

Review of Turnover, (including review of menu/wine list/drink - prices)
Gross margin analysis (including suppliers review and prices)
Critical staffing level analysis
Running costs review

Critical review of operational procedure and true break-even point

Basic multiple restaurants/network MOT

On site visits and operational analysis of accounts per restaurant with:

Review of Turnover, (including review of menu/wine list/drink - prices)
Gross margin analysis (including suppliers review and prices)
Critical staffing level analysis
Running costs Review
Critical review of operational procedure and true break-even point
Operational review of company structure
Critical review of controls and operational procedure
Basic restaurant operational MOT
Menu Appraisal

Review of internal skills versus menu content
Review of trends
Review of sustainability
Review of content consistency
Review of product availability and seasonality
Review of colour/ flavour/ design
Review of cost versus selling prices and catchment area

Food Appraisal

Time between ordering and service
Size of dish versus expectations
Temperature of dish
Presentation of the dish
Textures and flavours/ smells

Service Appraisal


Staff Appraisal

Overall attention

Restaurant Appraisal (feel good and wow factors)

Including mystery diner review

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